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Restorative Dentistry

Your smile’s health allows your beauty to shine. At Lawton Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide restorative dental care to those across Comanche County. Our services range from simple bonding to extensive root canal procedures. Visit our dental practice in Lawton, OK, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Juan Lopez to discover options for addressing dental issues and improving your smile.

Restorations in Lawton, OK by Dr. Juan Lopez

Your Lawton city dentist, Dr. Lopez, has embraced the advancements in techniques and technology, which has allowed our practice to offer more options for restoring teeth’s appearance and function. Our philosophy is to discuss all treatment options with you, allowing you to choose the most effective path to your smile restoration. While our first priority is towards your health, Dr. Lopez maintains a keen eye towards improving your smile’s esthetic.

The Many Options for Smile Restoration

Restorative Dentistry can be as simple as filling cavities or as sophisticated as surgically adding dental implants, but all options are designed to enhance your smile using high-quality dental material and equipment. Patients seek restorations for function, as in when needing to repair or replace teeth or fix an improper bite. These restoration techniques relieve pain while improving the appearance of a smile as well. A few of the restorative dentistry options we offer are include:

  • Composite Fillings
  • Crowns (including Procera) and Bridges
  • Dentures and Partials
  • Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening (Bright for Life)
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Bone Grafting and Dental Implants (single, multi-tooth, and full arch)

When looking to restore the health of your smile, there’s more to consider than just your teeth. Our team specializes in periodontal diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance as well. Restoring healthy gums in a patient is as important as restoring the teeth themselves. We offer patients with advanced gum disease a special periodontal cleaning called scaling and root planing, which is a cleaning that aims to remove toxins below the gum line.

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Our team of well-trained and friendly doctors will help you determine what particular treatment methods will best help you maintain, restore, or recreate your beautiful smile. At Lawton Cosmetic Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our high standards of quality and safety in every procedure we perform and are always welcoming of new patients to our practice. If you are in need of restorative dental work and live in the Lawton or the Comanche County area, give us a call to set up an appointment with Dr. Lopez today!


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I loved my experience at Dr. Lopez's office. 20 years ago I had several unsightly metal fillings put in my mouth. Also, I've worn my teeth down by grinding considerably over the years. As I grew older, my teeth did not look good to me when I smiled. In July of 2015, I wanted to have all of the metal fillings in my mouth removed, and one of the fillings in particular had already cracked the tooth that it filled. Initially, I was very nervous, but Dr. Lopez and his staff completely put me at ease from the time I walked in the door. The way he rebuilt the grinding damage on my back teeth is remarkable. He is not only a great dentist but a gifted architect and engineer at the same time. I didn't even feel the numbing shots at all, and I actually fell asleep in the chair during the procedure thanks to Dr. Lopez's relaxing demeanor and the calming music in the room. To my wife, I affectionately refer to him as Dr. Lopezzzzzz, now, since I did fall asleep. I would recommend Dr. Lopez to even my closest family. Thank you, again, Dr. Lopez.

Chase H

I went to Dr. Lopez to get veneers on eight teeth (upper, front). From my initial consultation to getting my temporary veneers put in today, I have been consistently impressed by his practice. The entire staff operate as a single, professional team. Extremely courteous, knowledgable, and accommodating, they do everything they can to help patients feel both comfortable and fully informed of everything that goes on during their visit.

My process with the veneers thus far has been extremely smooth and easy. Despite what you may read on the Internet from other people who have gotten veneers elsewhere, Dr. Lopez goes through great measures to ensure that your experience is pain and worry free. He is truly a master at his craft, and his vast experience in the dental profession (equally reflected in his accolades) definitely shows.

I have a check-up for the temporary veneers in the next couple of weeks, and the permanent veneers will arrive shortly thereafter. I have full confidence that the rest of this process will go just as well as it has so far, especially after my visit today. Highly recommend this office for your dental needs. 5/5 stars.

Jason H

I have never liked going to the dentist because of painful past experiences. Shots, rough cleanings, etc. On my first visit, I had a cleaning . There was no pain. I was impressed. And a recent event that required shots, and extractions had me concerned about pain, but Dr. Lopez reassured me not to worry. As he began the shots,NO PAIN AT ALL!!! I was more than impressed! I knew I had found my dentist. Dr. Lopez and his staff are kind, gentle, professional, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and pleasant! I am very pleased, and highly recommend him!!!

Robin T

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